Advanced Composting Technologies (ACT) is the outgrowth of Mountain Organic Materials, a mulch and compost business formed in Candler, North Carolina in 1998.  

The company has quickly become a technology and process leader in the industrial composting sector with installations that span many sectors including all varieties of farm/agricultural, food service, and specialty organic waste systems. The composting systems that ACT builds today were developed and refined through a process of extensive research, testing, and real-world installations.

One of those installations was right here at Beacon Farms. We purchased our 6000 lb. capacity compost mixer from Advanced Composting and their technologist personally came to Cayman to assist with its set up and the construction of the aerated concrete pads.

When we are in need of technical advice about the operation of the mixer and our compost product, they are always willing to help.


Thank you Advanced Composting, and especially Mr. Chandler, for your partnership and guidance which has made our Compost Facility a reality!