At AMR Consulting Engineers, we strive to find simple, efficient solutions for each task, problem and project. We put in extra time and effort to determine the optimum solution – thus minimizing construction costs by eliminating the extraneous and focusing on the most efficient design; that will culminate in best value construction.

When AMR was established in January 2013, it had one mission: to provide “Excellence in Engineering Solutions and Service” in the Cayman Islands and the Caribbean. A fusion of two respected firms, AMR is vigorous in its passion for the profession, people and possibilities.

The AMR team collectively presents a portfolio of proven expertise on major projects in the region and worldwide. At AMR, superior service is essential and it upholds itself to the highest standards. Its multi-disciplinary capabilities traverse a range of market sectors as its leaders reinforce best practices. Modern in its approach, AMR puts the specialties of its experts to the test, consistently delivering dependability alongside exceptional results.