Beacon Farms to compost waste from Local Companies

Jan 22, 2021

Starting in December of 2020, Beacon Farms has been accepting compostable waste materials from local companies.

These companies include Cay-Shred, Foster's IGA and Progressive Distributors.  The paper, cardboard and wood pallets from these companies will be shredded and mixed at our Compost Facility where it can be broken down into compost.

Compost is a useful soil amendment.  It improves the structure of soil as well as provides nutrients to plants.  Initially the compost we make will be used on the Farm to prepare our fields.  Once we have enough compost for our own needs we will be able to supply local farmers, landscapers and home owners with our compost product.


The benefit of our partnership with these companies is two-fold:  one, we will be reducing the amount of waste that is taken to the landfill and two, we can make a useful product to increase local agricultural production!