Candy has always enjoyed telling stories and loves the medium of film, so after 20 years as an investment banker in London and the Cayman Islands she decided to embark on a second career in the world of documentary film. In October 2015 she enrolled in a Documentary Film Course at the Met Film School at Ealing Studios in London. Since then she has worked independently on a couple of short film projects, including a short biography about the life and work of local artist David Bridgeman. Most recently she was Associate Producer on a feature length Cayman made documentary ‘The Great Disconnect’ which premiered in Cayman in October 2019 and has since won awards on the international film circuit. 

Candy first heard about Beacon Farms in early 2019 and loved the idea of a once derelict property being brought back to life. As a keen gardener and champion of the natural world, she also loved the idea of 34 acres of bush being transformed into an organic working farm with respect for the environment and whilst retaining aspects of the wilderness as a haven for the flora and fauna of Cayman. 

Candy is currently working on a documentary about the farm and the people who work there. The film will follow the trials and tribulations of experimenting with new crops and helping people rebuild their lives and learn new skills on their path of recovery from substance abuse.

She and her husband, Simon Whicker, are also donors of mature coconuts and regularly drop them off to our Farm!