Caroline is a hands-on, strategic brand designer based in London, working globally on all issues relating to brands, their environments and communications. 


From auditing and strategy, to creation and implementation, she helps clients create, reinvent, revitalise, fine-tune and manage the on-going success of their brands.

The majority of her work has concentrated on the design of petrol stations, airlines, shops and office environments. Some projects focus on bringing new brands to life, others are about repositioning existing brands, clarifying the offer and personality. The objective is always to make life easier, better informed, more fun, and to understand the customer so that the offer or experience is relevant to them personally.

Beacon Farms is indebted to Caroline for her help with our brand development and website construction.

Because she felt our organization was a worthwhile endeavor and such a positive contribution to Caymanian society, she volunteered her expertise to Beacon Farms. We are so very grateful for her kind assistance and for her faith in our organization.

Thank You Caroline!