Beacon Farms is home to one of the most sophisticated composting facilities in the Caribbean. We chip green waste received from the George Town landfill, landscapers and land clearing projects.


Mixed land clearing waste, landscaping waste and manure go through complete composting on our static aeration pads. Forcing air into the piles speeds up the decomposition so that our system takes only 17 days to produce quality compost.

Compost is excellent for use in farming, commercial landscaping, and private gardens as it adds nutrients and structure to soils. And because our composting system results in the compost piles reaching temperatures of over 160 F the material is sterilized and free of weed seeds!

Our compost will be sold in bulk as well as in bags. You’ll soon be able to purchase it here at Beacon Farms, and other garden supply outlets. 

Nutrient-rich finished compost perfect for your farming and landscaping needs. Stay tuned!