Emma Powell

Executive Administrative Assistant, Women’s Off-Site Resident Manager


With a college degree in Hospitality, Emma Powell has extensive experience in working with a diverse workforce and a passion for helping people. Emma grew up in Grand Cayman, and is from the Breakers district originally, but has called West Bay home for several years. Growing up in Cayman, Emma became aware of the challenges of the country’s less fortunate citizens, and this sparked her commitment to helping the less fortunate in her community.

Emma has dedicated herself to service to others through her work at The Bridge Foundation and Beacon Farms and considers herself blessed and rewarded daily by the continued successes of those whom with she has worked. “The people I work with make it easy,” she says.

Emma is very proud to be part of The Bridge Foundation and Beacon Farms, working in her own unique way to help change the lives of others who have made the difficult decision to embrace sobriety. “There is nothing as rewarding as seeing a person successfully accomplish a desired change for a better life” she says.  <Back                                                                                          

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