Frank “Bud” Volinsky

Executive Director

Frank “Bud” Volinsky has a decades long relationship with, and love of Grand Cayman. Now a permanent resident of Grand Cayman, he received his B.A. in Psychology from Villanova University, and is a Certified General Contractor in the state of Florida. For the past 35 years, Bud has been involved in local, national and international marine construction projects, with emphasis on design and engineering. He has consulted with numerous construction and design firms on a variety of residential and commercial marine construction projects across the island.

Upon formal retirement from the construction industry, Bud realized an unmet need in Cayman for safe supported transitional housing for Caymanians in early recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction. In 2010 Bud became a co-founding member of Cayman’s Hope for Today Foundation and served as its first CEO, envisioning, developing, and implementing Cayman’s first supported transitional housing program. In 2012 Bud co-founded The Bridge Foundation Cayman, a supported transitional “First Step” house for those Caymanians in early recovery and serves as its Executive Director. Bud brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and a passion for helping others to our organization, and to our island.  < Back

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