The majority of Beacon Farms sits on a rocky shelf.  Like many areas of Grand Cayman, we have pockets of rather deep soil but the ground is mostly rocky with shallow soil.  We have dealt with this in the past by building mounded rows of soil to give our crops the root depths required for them to grow properly.

However, with the addition of our new Valentini Rock Tiller, we are now able to grind the rock down to depths of 14" thus creating a deep bed for our crops to grow in.  And, with the addition of organic matter from the compost we create in our Compost Facility we can make rich, productive soil for all sorts of crops!

2021.02.12 - Imperato visit 3.jpg
2021.02.12 - cut rock.jpg
2021.02.12 - tilled field.jpg

Our goal is to clear portions of the property and create deep, level fields that can be cultivated in a modern way with machinery ploughing the soil, making rows, laying plastic ground cover, planting seeds or seedlings, applying organic pesticides and even harvesting the crop.  And the great thing is - all this can be done by one man sitting comfortably in the air-conditioned cab of a tractor!

We hope to eventually become an example of the future of farming in the Cayman Islands! 


The video below shows a few examples of the types of machines that can be used on properly prepared farm land: