Granger Haugh



Retired executive Granger Haugh was the founder of U.S. based Cliniqa Corporation, a globally recognized leader in the design and manufacture of liquid stable controls and calibrators used worldwide in the medical diagnostic industry. Upon the sale of the family company, Granger created the Haugh Family Foundation, which is dedicated to supporting U.S. Veterans, creating inclusive learning opportunities for special needs children and social entrepreneurship opportunities for people in recovery from drug and alcohol issues.

Granger and his family have enjoyed a 40+ year relationship with Grand Cayman, and the Haugh Family Foundation supports local charitable organizations such as Special Needs Foundation Cayman, The Bridge Foundation, and Beacon Farms. Granger finds satisfaction and excitement in exploring ways to give back to the island, helping its special needs children and Caymanians in recovery become self-sufficient and independent.  < Back

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