We have been very fortunate to work with companies that recognize the importance of a place like Beacon Farms and so have graciously given us discounts on their supplies and services.  


Likewise, we depend on many types of donations. Some of our donors provide us with coconuts, others donate green waste, and some give us monetary donations. 

And then there are the kind souls who give of their time, skill and energy from the goodness of their hearts. They visit us often, wish us well, celebrate our achievements and commiserate with our setbacks!

To each and every one who gives to our worthy charity - YOU HAVE OUR DEEPEST GRATITUDE!!

AAL Foundation (Donor)

Advanced Composting

AMR Consulting Engineers

Geoff Anderson (Universal Leaf)

Atlantic Supply Ltd.

Susie Bodden

Bridge Foundation 

Tim Daley - Cay-Shred

John Doak - Architect

Equestrian Centre

Rachel Fogle (Harrisburg University)

Woody Foster - Foster's IGA

Antoinette Gayle (UCCI)

Garry Green - G2 Spatial

Harrisburg University

Michael Hartley (Universal Leaf)

Greg Lipton

Geary Lynch (Donor)

Susan Anne Olde, O.B.E. (Donor)

Paradise Landscaping

Phoenix Consulting

Progressive Distributors

Annika Minott - CARDI

Jane Moon

Henry Nichols

North Sound Golf Club

Caroline Schroder

Joel Scott

Simon and Candy Whicker