Beacon Farms Attends 2021 Coco Fest!

Beacon Farms produces Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and Organic Raw Coconut Flour, so what better event for us to attend than the Annual Coco Fest held at Pedro St. James!

Besides our Coconut Oil & Flour, we brought examples of some of the by-products of the coconut oil and flour making process such as the coconut shells and the coconut husk.  Another by-product is the coconut water.

All parts of the brown coconut have a potential use and we brought these materials along to Coco Fest to present them as items that enterprising business people could source from us to make their own products! 

We had great fun introducing Beacon Farms and explaining the purpose of our Organization.  We emphasized that Beacon Farms is a workplace for people who are recovering from substance abuse as well as an innovative agricultural laboratory where new ideas and crops are being explored!

We also enjoyed visiting and talking to the other vendors at the Coco Fest.  There was lots to see and learn, good food, and lively music!

We recommend attending the future Coco Fests - you'll be sure to see us there!


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