Beacon Farms Receives Green Waste from Low Income Housing Project Land Clearing

Feb 03, 2022

2022.02.10 - Housing Authority Visit 3.jpeg

In what has been a very beneficial partnership for us, we have been able to receive green waste generated by the clearing of land for a low-income housing development spearheaded by the National Housing Development Trust.


The General Manger of the Trust, Mr. Julio Ramos has generously arranged to deliver the waste for free!  We constantly need large amounts of green waste for our composting project which in turn fuels the creation of good quality soil.  Our plans include the generation of compost for our immediate use in our fields, followed by the sale of compost at incredibly reasonable prices for the benefit of local home owners, farmers, and the general public.


The impressive project being undertaking by The National Housing Development Trust aligns with our own vision for the future in that our combined mission is to simply help people in need of assistance.

2022.02.10 - Housing Authority Visit 4.jpeg


Overdue visit from Benefactor

Feb 03, 2022

2022.02.03 - Scott Haugh Visit .JPG

Mr. Scott Haugh, one of our Benefactors, has returned Cayman after a lengthy absence ...

Beacon Farms Attends Business After Hours Event

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Coco Fest 2022

February 26, 2022

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Department of Tourism Takes a Look

March 29, 2021

2021.03.29 - DOT visit 2.jpg

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Governor Visits Beacon Farms

October 15, 2020

Gov visit 1.JPG

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Chamber of Commerce Meets at Beacon Farms

September 04, 2020

Chamber of Commerce Visit.png

Beacon Farms had a productive visit from the members of the Chamber of Commerce.