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At Beacon Farms, we have space to grow. Each year, we aim to expand our agricultural scope and introduce new sustainability programmes. We have a multi-year plan to scale up production at the farm in a way that can benefit the wider community as well.


Good soil is the foundation for a healthy harvest. Composting is a natural process that makes use of green and brown waste to produce a nutrient-rich material for fields and gardens.


Beacon Farms has invested in a state-of-the-art static aeration composting facility featuring a 6,000 lb capacity mixer and five aeration pads. This accelerates the natural process by forcing air into the decomposing piles and producing temperatures up to 160F which kills any weeds, seeds and harmful pathogens.


At present, we use all the compost we produce at Beacon Farms. Our goal is to triple the size of our composting facilities so we can produce a surplus and supply compost to farmers, developers, landscapers and homeowners at a fraction of the price of imported fertilizers.


Additional capacity will also require us to collect more green and brown waste. We accept deliveries of cardboard and shredded paper and green yard waste (no plastics) from neighbouring businesses. Please contact us to arrange a delivery during business hours.


Like many places in Cayman, our land is rocky and needs soil improvement if we are to farm on a commercial level. Our solution is the Valentini rock crusher which pulverizes rock into earth. Mixed with compost, this becomes fertile soil for ploughing and planting new fields.


The Valentini is a large, sophisticated and expensive piece of equipment. To cover the costs of our initial investment, and to allow others to benefit from its ability to convert rock into soil, we are offering a rock crushing service to other landowners who would benefit from soil improvement.


Launching this year, Beacon Farming Services offers a rock crushing package that includes the equipment and qualified operator. Please contact us for more details.

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As part of Beacon Farms research and development programme, we are growing tobacco as a trial for the first premium cigar produced here in the Cayman Islands. Our recent harvest produced a leaf of sufficient quality to be used as a binder by Cayman Cigar Company.


Following a successful harvest last year, the tobacco leaves were hung in our drying barn where temperature and humidity is carefully monitored. The next step in the process after curing was to sort and ferment the tobacco before delivering to Cayman Cigar Companies ‘torcederas’ who hand-roll premium cigars.

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