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Beacon Farms welcomes Department of Tourism

One of the goals of Beacon Farms is to set up our property to welcome visitors who can then experience what we do and understand the social aspect of our organisation. So, when the Department of Tourism expressed an interest in viewing Beacon Farms and asked if we could give a group tour of the property, we accepted right away!

The group was on a tight schedule so we gave them a quick tour of the farm, but honestly, it could have gone on much longer as there is already a lot happening here!

We have big plans for this facet of our business. We know that a visit to our farm will give both locals and tourist an educational and interesting look at the evolution of farming in Cayman and allow them to see recovery in action and gain a better understanding of the social experiment we are carrying out.

When we are fully set up to welcome guests we hope to have comfortable facilities, a shop, hiking trails, etc. to make the visit to Beacon Farms an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

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