Cayman Premier Visits Beacon Farms

The Premier and two cabinet ministers this morning toured the premises of a new organization that plans to use farm-to-table agriculture to support sober living. Beacon Farms, a beacon of hope, is located in Frank Sound, on property once owned by the late Speaker of the legislative assembly, the Honorable Edna Marie Moyle. It will be a work in collaboration with the Bridge Foundation, a charity that provides transitional housing support for recovering addicts. Beacon Farms’ vision is to facilitate a variety of educational and skills programs for residents who are committed to improving their quality of life and avoiding legal issues. Premier the Honorable Alden McLaughlin joined Agriculture Minister the Honorable Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, and the Home Affairs Minister the Honorable Tara Rivers, on a tour of the site this morning. The Premier says government is always pleased to support enterprises like Beacon Farms for many reasons.

Premier McLaughlin said “I see the makings of something that I think can be very very successful, not just with the rehabilitation of our people who are having issues with drug addiction and substance abuse, but also they’re viewing this as a commercial venture, which is what I think will actually make it succeed, because it’s not just going through the motions but actually there is a product at the end which is marketable, and they seem to have the knowledge, they seem to have the wherewithal, to make this happen, so I’m gonna continue to look forward to this and as I’ve indicated anything government can do to help and to support this are we most willing to do.”

Beacon Farms is made possible through an investment by the Haugh Family Foundation led by Granger and Margie Haugh, permanent residents who have enjoyed the Cayman Islands for the past forty years. Operational leadership will be provided by their son Scott, who has significant clinical experience in rehabilitation. It is anticipated that the project will facilitate housing and jobs as well as a continuum of care for dozens of people each year. < Back

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