Most of the Beacon Farms staff have never worked on a farm! Many have an interest in agriculture, some want to return to the ways of living simply while helping the Cayman community and a few find a "non-traditional" farming job and career appealing. But all of our farmers share a common desire to remain clean and sober while improving their lives through innovative farming and agricultural practices.

A Typical Day At The Farm



Our farmers have taken many paths to reach sobriety and productivity. At Beacon Farms, these paths culminate in positive outcomes: learning the value of a good day's work, the excitement of learning new agricultural skills and the feeling of satisfaction and self-worth that comes from being a positive contributor to Cayman society. Our farmers plant ideas and grow innovation through modern farming practices and techniques but never stop harvesting knowledge, independence and ways to be of service to others. 


Some of the duties the staff have gained experience in include:

  • Plant propagation

  • Basic pest identification

  • Care and maintenance of crops

  • Installation and monitoring of irrigation systems

  • The drying, fermentation and curing of tobacco

  • Food processing and preservation

  • Operation of machinery such as coconut processing equipment, sprayers, heavy machinery such as front-end loaders, backhoes and wood-chippers, and other equipment such as a state-of-the-art rock grinder

  • Building construction

  • Landscape maintenance

  • Basic record keeping, data collection and interpretation


As the farm develops the skillset of our staff will grow exponentially!


Big House.jpg
Big house balcony.jpg

The Big House at Beacon Farms can house up to six people. The house is managed as a sober living environment which gives those in recovery a safe, comfortable place to live. Upstairs, there are five bedrooms each with their own bathroom.  Four of the rooms even have their own private balconies!

Big house living room 2.jpg
Big house kitchen.jpg

The downstairs holds the communal areas with a large kitchen and living room.

We rent these rooms to our staff and others who are in recovery for a reasonable sum.  If a member of staff moves on and finds employment with another company, they are still allowed to stay at the Farm until they wish to leave.

The commitment to honest work, managing their own finances and abiding by the house rules restores dignity the lives of the residents of The Big House.