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Beacon Farms provides a safe and sober work environment for Caymanians recovering from drug or alcohol abuse. The founders of The Bridge Foundation, a halfway house in West Bay, recognised the need for a peaceful, structured workplace where programme participants can learn new job skills while they continue to rebuild their lives.


In 2017, the Haugh Foundation purchased 34 acres in North Side and established the Beacon of Hope Foundation to run Beacon Farms as a non-profit farm that trains and employs Caymanians in recovery, equipping them with salaries and new skills for life.


At Beacon Farms, our dual purpose is to support Caymanians in recovery and to advance agricultural literacy in the Cayman Islands.


On the farm, we grow a wide variety of crops in our fields and orchards from mango and breadfruit to callaloo, tomatoes and scotch bonnet. We also trial new crops in our research and development garden from starchy staples like beets and corn to tobacco for premium cigars.


Our approach to farming combines traditional techniques with new technology and advanced machinery that allows us to improve our soil and growing. We welcome opportunities to share knowledge we gain with the farming community in Cayman Islands.


We sell fresh produce and Beacon Farms products in our farm shop, at market stalls and directly to the restaurants and the food industry.


Based on a model of social entrepreneurship, our goal is for Beacon Farms to become self-sufficient so we can continue to help vulnerable Caymanians and have a positive impact on our community.

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Beacon Farms provides a range of job opportunities and careers in agriculture, from propagating and cultivating crops to operating and maintaining farm equipment. Employees learn skills that are valuable to themselves, to us on the farm and to the wider Caymanian community.


The Big House at Beacon Farms has six rooms and a communal kitchen and living room where programme participants can live in a safe, comfortable environment, using their wages to rent rooms at a reasonable rate. A commitment to honest work, managing personal finances and abiding by house rules restores dignity to the lives of residents on their road to recovery

Green Valley


Beacon Farms currently employs 12 members of staff. The leadership team at Beacon Farms includes:

Beacon Farms is operated by the Beacon of Hope Foundation, a registered non-profit organisation with a Board of Directors:

Christopher John Bouck

Granger Scott Haugh

Frank Christopher Volinsky

Paul Gene Clark

John Lemuel Hurlston

Charles Granger Haugh

Alexander Urquhart

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