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HIGHVERN supports Beacon Farms

Beacon Farms is a step closer to achieving our goal to produce and sell compost and mulch on a commercial scale thanks to a generous donation from HIGHVERN, a leading fiduciary, corporate, and fund services provider. In line with HIGHVERN’s commitment to promoting sustainability, this financial backing will facilitate the expansion of production at Beacon Farms' existing composting facility.


“Funding sustainable farming practices that enhance food security in the Cayman Islands resonates with HIGHVERN’s ESG principles,” said Roger Priaulx, Country Head - Cayman Islands, HIGHVERN. “At HIGHVERN, we acknowledge the collective responsibility to safeguard the planet’s future, and we are proud to endorse Beacon Farms’ innovative farming techniques. Their commitment to fostering agricultural literacy in Cayman, coupled with their positive social impact on individuals recovering from substance addiction, is commendable.”


HIGHVERN’s Cayman-based team first visited Beacon Farms in October last year when they were inspired to support planting a new orchard. Subsequent conversations about Beacon Farms' land improvement programme, which creates new soil through a combination of crushed rock and compost, prompted the company to further assist in funding the compost and mulch production.


HIGHVERN’s contribution, combined with a donation from the Green Tie Gala to purchase a mulch bagging machine, will allow Beacon Farms to sell excess mulch wholesale to local farmers, landscaping companies and retailers. Locally-made compost is more sustainable and cost effective than importing fertilizer, and reduces the risk of importing pests and disease.


“As a non-profit organisation, the sale of compost and mulch will be an important revenue stream as our aim is to become financially self-sufficient,” said Beacon Farms chief operating officer Sandy Urquhart. “We are extremely grateful for the generous support of the HIGHVERN team, as well as the organisers of the Green Tie Gala, and our partners at IWC and Fosters, who make this project possible. Ultimately, we would like to triple the size of our compost facility and produce compost and mulch on a commercial level.”


Soil quality is a key challenge to improving the quality and quantity of crops grown in the Cayman Islands. Beacon Farms’ static aeration facility has the capacity to produce 400 tons of compost and mulch per year. Fundraising is underway to upgrade the infrastructure to accommodate a greater volume of waste and significantly increase its output.

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