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A beacon of hope for recovering addicts

Cayman Compass reporter James Whittaker visited Beacon Farms and met with

Bud Volinsky for a story published in the Cayman Compass on 24 January 2019.

At Beacon Farms, the workday starts with a 12-step meeting.

A small group musters under the timber frame of the makeshift break room to reaffirm their commitment to staying sober.

Then they get to work, operating the backhoes that sculpt the ever-changing landscape, running the reverse osmosis irrigation system or tending the unusual variety of crops at this self-styled “idea farm.”

The 34-acre property in Frank Sound is growing into a fully functioning agricultural operation that aims eventually to produce everything from livestock feed and coconut oil to Cayman’s first homegrown, premium cigar.

Read the full story here.

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