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Beacon Farms documentary trailer

For the past year and a half, Beacon Farms has been filming the progress of our organisation.

We have had the pleasure of working closely with Mrs. Candy Whicker, a good friend of Beacon Farms. She has dutifully, and honestly captured the events occurring at the farm, bad and good. She has also collected testimonials from the people who make the Farm function and who have worked together to help recovering addicts just like themselves.

The Beacon of Hope Cayman Foundation is an idea, a dream that is still in its infancy! Through the generous support of Mr. Granger Haugh and his Foundation we have received a good start, but we desperately need the support of the local community to become self-sustaining. Only then can we truly be a "Beacon of Hope" for people who want to continue their recovery and restart their professional lives. Whether they love the work and stay at Beacon Farms, or use the farm as a stepping stone to reach other goals - we want our organisation to be there to offer a welcoming hand!

Our full-length documentary should be ready for release next year but until then, please take a moment to view this wonderfully, beautiful trailer. Enjoy!

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