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Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours

On the 21 October, the Chamber of Commerce hosted Beacon Farms and Cayman Cigars for a Business After Hours event. The event was held at the National Gallery and featured cigar rolling by the ladies from the Cigar shop and a display of some of the products produced by Beacon Farms.

There was also a sample of the tobacco that was grown at Beacon Farms and that will soon be rolled into 100% Caymanian Cigars. The tobacco has to ferment further to develop the rich taste and flavour of a quality cigar, but we are well on our way to that stage.

Mr. Alex Urquhart, Beacon Farms Chief Operating Officer, was introduced by Mr. Mike Gibbs. He then gave an inspiring speech on the purpose and goals of our charity. This was followed by a short trailer of the upcoming documentary that exposes the reality of operating an organisation like Beacon Farms. Our ups and downs and real life testimony from our staff.

The evening ended with a raffle for guests, with various prizes from the Farm and The Cigar Company.

A lovely time was had by all and we are so appreciative to have had the chance to showcase our Farm!

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