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Expanding our farm

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

As our Commercial Growing Department gains in experience and skill, we find that we need more space for our future crops. We have identified areas of the property where we can use our rock tiller to increase the root zone and then continue to amend the soil in preparation for crops.

At this point in our development, we have the Research Garden, a small Vegetable Garden and one Commercial Field, which had been labeled Commercial Field A. Commercial Field A currently has this year's Tobacco crop growing on half of it.

To increase our production capabilities, we have extended Field A as well as begun the preparation of three additional areas which are labeled Commercial Fields B, C & D, respectively.

We hope to have various crops in these new areas, such as mangel beets, callaloo and seasoning peppers. Having additional fields also allows us to rotate our crops which is important in reducing the build-up of soil borne pathogens.

These new areas will undoubtedly need additions of organic matter, an acidifier and other amendments since we are basically starting with pulverized rock after the ground has been tilled by the Valentini Rock Crusher. It may take some time but we foresee these new areas as becoming productive fields to support our crops.

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