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Grace leaves a mark

In August, the Cayman area was under a Tropical Storm Warning and it was feared that the storm might intensify into a Cat 1 hurricane. The island hunkered down and afterwards we all emerged to survey the damage.

Many properties reported downed trees and we lost power and water for a period in some areas but, thankfully, there was little structural damage to homes and buildings across the island.

At Beacon Farms we did lose a portion of our banana fields and the plastic on our green house roof was ripped off. Some of the large avocado trees lost branches, but they should recover.

The real frustration was that we were all set to harvest our avocados and we picked as many as we could before the storm. Then, when we went to sell them, we found that the market had been flooded by farmers who had done the same. We decided to freeze our avocados as they can be kept this way for up to six months and, when defrosted, make excellent guacamole!

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