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Prison staff visit Beacon Farms

In a much anticipated meeting, the staff who handle risk assessment and advise the prison regarding work release of prisoners came to visit Beacon Farms.

We have long envisioned a partnership between the Prison and Beacon Farms because both entities are trying to rehabilitate people who have made mistakes and are who are hopefully on the path to recovery.

Many of the non-violent inmates who are eligible for "Release on Temporary Leave (ROTL)", during which they can work as a means of restitution to the community, are also struggling with substance abuse problems. If the Prison and Beacon Farms can arrange for some of these prisoners to work at the Farm, it would help us in terms of accomplishing some of our larger projects as well as give the inmates a chance to feel out whether Beacon Farms is a place they might be interested in working at once they have been released.

The Staff, headed by Mr. Hylton Grace, expressed some of the same frustrations that we have when it comes to helping others re-enter society. People who have a troublesome past are often unable to find honest work which leads them back to criminal behavior and substance abuse.

We are hopeful that, between the Prison and our charity, we can help those that are willing to take the opportunities that are offered and eventually become upstanding and contributing citizens once again!

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